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About Navah 

Advanced Soul Healing


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Nice to meet you.

I was born in Amsterdam in 1958. After I got my MA in Psychology, I worked for 6 years in computer systems design. In 1990 I began a new journey. Among many other things, the most important new paths were dance classes from many different cultures, a 7 years study of Indian Classical Music (Dhrupad), partly in India, and following several spiritual healing courses.

In 2000 I started to use the music that I had learned for meditation and healing purposes.

Two years later I obtained a diploma as a healer from the CICO (Center for Intuitive and Creative Development) in Utrecht, Holland, where the healing techniques were based on the teachings of Barbara Brennan. After that I was trained in several other healing modalities and I started doing Lightwork with a group in Holland. I set up my own practice as a spiritual healer and musician and made 2 CD’s, one on my own, and one with a group.

In 2006 I moved to Israel, to Jerusalem. In 2008 I converted officially to Judaism, with the Karelitz Beit Din in Bnei Brak, Israel. I set up an new healing and music practice in Jerusalem. From then on I connected to Hashem/G*d as directly as possible and to some of the Tsadikim that I felt drawn to. Since then my healings developed by receiving new techniques every time I was faced with a new problem in a healing, and this process is still going on. Also learning Torah and Kabbalah added a lot: the application of psukim, tehilim, the Etz Chayim/Sefirot and Hashem’s HolyNames for healing and energy cleansing. And in 2020-2021 I was trained and certified by Rabbi Doniel Katz (of the Elevation Project) to be a Jewish Meditation Teacher.

Since more than 10 years I live in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem.

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