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Advanced Soul Healing


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Jewish Meditation

Jewish Meditation Lessons (for women)
(if men are interested, please e-mail me for contact information of my male colleagues)

This is for you when you are interested in learning to get into higher consciousness, deal easily with your challenges, make your life and your Avodat Hashem more meaningful and deeper by using Jewish Meditation techniques!

Totally based on the Torah, through teachings by Rabbi Doniel Katz, by whom I am certified to teach these meditations.

“Unlocking the Torah's Definitive System of Self-Transformation,

Meditation, and Spiritual Development”

I have designed an Introductory video course of 4 lessons

For more background information, see also under Articles.

Introduction Course: video's


Lesson 1. 'Quieting the mind'

‘hashkata’ by writing down thoughts and sensations


link lesson 1


Lesson 2. 'Climbing the Ladder into the Light'

Sitting in the Light of the Shechina


link lesson 2


Lesson 3. 'Concentration using imagination'

Machshava map (love, awe and holiness)


link lesson 3


Lesson 4. 'The power of Hebrew letters and your name'

Experiencing the letters, your name and a simple shiluv with your name and Havayah

link lesson 4


In these lessons you will learn to quiet your mind, to access higher states of consciousness, and to use this for inner growth, improving your relationships, and coming closer to your Higher Soul and Hashem. Also, it will help to deepen the experience of your daily prayers and performance of the mitswot. In short, it will help for the bringing of Mashiach!

For getting the maximum benefit, it is best to commit to following all the lessons of one level and integrating the things you learn in your daily practice of avodat (serving) Hashem.

Types of lessons:

Group lessons: I stopped organizing them. If you want very good, well organized, group lessons (English and Hebrew), contact my colleague Dalia Orlev: 

At the moment she has special lessons for the war situation, for calming your emotions and growing your Emuna. She also works with body movements for the Hebrew letters.

Private lessons

On Zoom or at my home, tailor-made lessons based on your specific level, situation, background and wishes. Also possible to broaden it into something more like 'spiritual coaching'.

180 NIS / $ 60 / € 55 per hour, reduction possible on request.

For more information or Whatsapp and Telegram:


Navah Sarah Tsiporah

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