Advanced Soul Healing

Jewish Meditation


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Introduction to Jewish Meditation

Based on the Torah, through teachings by Rabbi Doniel Katz in the Elevation Project:

“Unlocking the Torah's Definitive System of Self-Transformation,

Meditation, and Spiritual Development”

I have designed an Introductory video course of 5 lessons to Jewish Meditation.

For more background information, see also under Articles.


Lesson 1. 'Quieting the mind'

‘hashkata’ by writing down thoughts and sensations


Lesson 2. 'Climbing the Ladder into the Light'

Sitting in the Light of the Shechina


Lesson 3. 'Concentration using imagination'

Machshava map (love, awe and holiness)


Lesson 4. 'The power of Hebrew letters and your name'

Experiencing the letters, your name and a simple shiluv with your name and Havayah

Continuation course

5 lessons on Sundays on Zoom, $ 50, NIS 150, € 42

For mor information write to:

Navah Sarah Tsiporah