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Concerts/ events

Advanced Soul Healing



* No concerts planned.


Weekly meditations with the Tanpura for women on Wednesday


If you want to receive messages announcing my concerts, meditations and workshops, go to my Facebook page 'Advanced Soul Healing News and Articles' and click 'follow'.


When someone is organizing an event for women, it can be very nice to start (and/or end) it with 15-30 minutes of tanpura meditation . It creates a very nice cohesion and unity in the group and it helps to come into a stronger conciousness of HaShem. Contact me if you want to know more and maybe want to hire me for that! (see below)

Private singing lessons:

Location: at my home, see below.

Price: NIS 80 per hour. Small groups also possible.

Contact Information:

Navah Sarah Tsiporah Verhoeven


If you want to invite me to give a concert (only for women) or a meditation, please contact me by phone or by sending email to:

(only for women!)

Sound Sample 1

Sound Sample 2

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