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About the healings

Advanced Soul Healing


Who is this healing best for?

People who already are on the path of inner work and healing themselves for a longer period and /or have spiritual talents.

Specially if it is your path to go deep and really want to solve things inside yourself all the way to their root in order to come closer to Hashem.

Advanced Soul Healings are specially recommended for people who, even after a lot of ‘inner work’, just don’t seem to be able to get themselves really present in this world expressing their deeper talents, who find it hard to find the right kind of healing to ‘break through’ whatever is blocking this.

My specialty area's:

- Incarnation and grounding problems.

- Relational clearing.

- Soulmate preparation and clearing.

- Help for creating an outcome of the Highest Truth.

- Deep Trauma healing.

- Healing a former life in the Holocaust.

- Past life clearing in general.

- Soul repair (up to the highest levels) and Soul Retrieval.

- Healing obsessions.

- Energetic cleaning of a place, area, building.

What makes this type of healing work?

Hashem and your own Higher Soul levels, and the ability of my Soul to give healing and do reparations in many kinds of worlds and dimensions.

I tune in with your Higher Soul and Hashem gives me healing energy through my hands and inner images of what is happening. Hashem and your Soul guide me in what I should do and work through me or show me what tools to use ( for example: Holy texts and Holy Names, Yichudim). I may also let you do work yourself by visualization or reciting texts from Tenach.

©Wilka Zelders

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