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Soul healings

Advanced Soul Healing


Soul Healings

What are Advanced Soul Healings?

Advanced Soul Healings are deep and powerful healings that can work on the subconcious emotional level, on the level of the Etz Chaim with the Sefirot, on the DNA level, and on the lowest to the highest levels of the Soul. The effects mostly are subtle and not easy to perceive by people who have not yet developed their finer senses. But they can also manifest in changes in a person's life, like meeting your soulmate, finding more fulfilling work, enjoying life more, starting to write a book, etc etc.

The most important effect of the healings can be described as being able to incarnate better, to manifest your Soul's purpose and talents better and in a more connected (to G*d) and pure way in this world. The healings tend to go deep and cause large shifts on subtle levels. Therefore people who have already done a few years of inner work are better able to receive and 'digest' the healings and I don't recommend total beginners to come to me for their first experience.

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