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Singing lessons

Advanced Soul Healing


(only for women!)

Learning to sing with the Tanpura

Singing with the Tanpura is a very special and deep experience. This instrument from India creates through its overtones a 'gate to Heaven' and because of this it has a meditative and healing effect. As a singer your instrument is not only your body but also your personality and your soul. A lot of levels to work on! First of all you learn how to play the Tanpura, and, more important and difficult even: how to tune it. Then of course, there is the technical aspect of learning how to sing in tune with the sound of the Tanpura, and the 'voice development' aspect. But depending on the amount of time and effort you want to invest, the singing lessons can become a meditation training, a concentration training, an inner development / spiritual training.

At the moment I only give lessons in (or close by) Jerusalem, Israel.

Navah singing with the Tanpura
Navah closeup with Tanpura
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