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Advanced Soul Healing



Tanpura MP3's or CD's for meditation and singing with. Only tanpura-sound for about an hour.

Available in F#, G, G# and A.

Recorded by me in a professional studio playing my tanpura while tuning in directly with Hashem. The tanpura was specially made for me in India so it has no connections with avoda zara, 


Israel: NIS 50 (+ 12 for sending if CD)

Europe: Euro 12 (+ 7 for sending if CD)

USA/Canada: $ 13 (+ 6 for sending if CD)

Other countries: ask for the price by email.

MP3 of one of my concerts.

Singing with tanpura, Improvisational setup like an Indian raga in Dhrupad, but applied to a Jewish basic tune with Hebrew words from Tehilim and from Jewish prayers.

About 50 min. Sound sample see 'Concerts/Events'

1. Psalm 121

2. One sentence from the Kedusha of Musaf of Shabbat


Israel: NIS 100

Europe: Euro 25

USA/Canada: $ 27

Other countries: ask for the price by email.

Order MP3's or CD's by emailing to:

If someone feels a calling to sponsor these and other recordings with singing, please contact me!

Sound Sample

Navah singing with the Tanpura
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