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Advanced Soul Healing

Jewish Meditation


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Jewish Meditation

Jewish Meditation

Learn how to connect to Hashem (G*d), to receive and be healed by the Light, in simple but powerful ways, taught in Torah (Bible) and mystical teachings and texts that came forth from it.

Connect to the 3rd Temple in the Higher Dimensions and find out what this connection can bring you and how it can elevate your consciousness, help you in your daily life and for your healing.


Courses based on Torah as taught in the Elevation Project by Rav Doniel Katz: I don't give these any more but you can still watch this free video course Introduction to Jewish Meditation, 4 video lessons. Also, there you can find who replaces me for these teachings.


Free introductory 3rd Temple meditation video click


Article about Jewish meditation: click


Article about the 3rd Temple: click

Navah Sarah Tsiporah

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