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Advanced Soul Healing



Clients wrote:


Navah's "Soul Healings" can reach deep lying issues that tend to be out of reach of the standard therapies. Both me and a client I referred to her, experienced first hand the profound positive effect that Navah's healings can have in someone's life!
Also, 'grounding' has become noticeably easier in my clinic since Navah energetically cleared
out the environment there.
E.B. psychologist, Israel



Healings with Navah Tziporah Verhoeven are profound and life altering.  A very different approach to transformation, which I highly recommend.  Deep and penetrating meditations and glimpses of past lives that provide missing pieces of our soul's puzzle.  She paves a road to inner space within a religious context with saintly grace.  May G*d continue to bless her endeavors.  

Baruch Adam, New York, USA 


I am grateful to you for the insights that you shared with me, the gentle manner in which you helped me to heal some raw wounds, and to rid myself of a mida I hadn't recognized, with energetic cleansing. You bestowed a level of awareness on me, a loving message from the very tzadika whom, decades ago, I had requested to be my escort through life. HaShem had apparently sent her to me at birth, knowing what I'd need to overcome. How could you have known that I begged HaShem to let her guide me? That you knew shocked me into realizing that you have precious gifts to share.

YG, Israel


I wish to thank you for the session last night.

Though it was hard to endure at times, I feel it was really right for me - and very helpful.

Todah Rabbah.

May you continue being a worthy sholiach for Hashem to shine his healing and love on all of us.

With respect and thanks,

CG, Jerusalem.


I have been to many healers to deal with my emotional stuff, but I haven't found anyone as effective as Navah - I always felt better after her healing! One must take into account that there are many layers of consciousness that the issues hide behind; it often takes time to get down to them because the upper layers have to be peeled and healed first. After a constant follow-up of three-quarters of a year, I can state that I feel a lot happier and freer than before I came to Navah. I cannot compare where I was then to where I am today. Through connecting to Hashem (G*d), Navah accesses the inner levels of your soul in order to expedite an authentic healing. Navah's healing has a permanent effect on all those who experience it.

Rabbi Moshe Schatz, Jerusalem.


Navah is the most gifted healer I have ever met. I have been working with her for over a year, typically twice a week, and she has healed psychological attachments, destructive behaviors, abstract spiritual blockages, physical pain, issues in relationships that manifested positive results immediately, and so many other issues it is hard to keep track. She addresses layers of spiritual blockage, attachments, and contaminations like an expert seamstress, making resolution of the deepest issues look natural. She has helped me tremendously toward true spiritual self-knowledge and actually 'becoming' my higher, G*dly self on a day-to-day level, by releasing, healing, and resolving attachments to all forms of negativity at their spiritual root. I can not recommend her highly enough!

Anonymus, USA


Navah Sarah Tsiporah is good at healing Lightworkers, people who are already quite a bit on their way in their personal and spiritual development, and who may be able to work together with her on healing them.

She is able to connect very strongly with 'Above' for healing energy. Then she looks what comes up. In my case we often find pieces of my soul that got lost, that have become stuck somewhere, due to causes from former lives. Navah traces them, cleans them and starts up their integration. After that it is up to me to continue that process.

These healings are pretty strong, but they really help to make progress. One direct result for example is that I clearly have much less migraines than a few months ago! Thank you for that, Navah.

Els Verhoeven, leader of City of Light meditations and Full Moon meditations in Heerenveen, Holland.


I received a few healings from Navah Sarah Tsiporah. In these healings mostly issues come up which are related to themes that come up repeatedly in my life.

She tells me what she sees (this is often related to former lives) and those images are recognizable for me. Therefore I am able to change the way I deal with these themes in my life.

I have a feeling that we are working on a deep level and that we are resolving persistent 'patterns'.

Simone Karcher, Arnhem, Holland.


My healingsessions with Navah Sarah Tsiporah have been an exciting journey into myself. I feel after each session that the veil that clouds my neshamah (soul)  slowly lifts up. I am more comfortable with myself and have more trust in the process of healing myself, because it is done in a very unassuming and comfortable way. I feel I am putting my life's puzzle together with Navah Sarah Tsiporah. It has been a very inspiring process that I can recommend to anyone!

SR Wieder, Jerusalem.


The healings balance me out and have a tremendous healing effect. The healing is never heavy. It is light and even funny and at the same time brings up a lot of issues from past or present that need to be addressed. I tried a lot of different therapies and am very excited about the results.

Edith Rivkah Scheenaard, Jerusalem.

February 2012, what clients said in interviews about what they appreciate in my healings:

- You can see deep into situations and into the root of problems in the deeper Soul levels.

- I feel your perceptions are true, 'hit on the nail'.

-You are able to clear these roots of problems out.

-Changes are lasting. I feel permanently better after the healing and I am able to continue to change/grow on my own.

-Deep questions can get answered in the healings.

-You live within the framework of Torah, percieve and talk from that perspective, in an open-minded way.

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