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Advanced Soul Healing




For a 1 hour Advanced Soul Healing session:

(For women. Men only by Skype or phone and with a reference from someone I know personally)

USA: $ 130

Europe: € 110

Israel: NIS 400.

If you want a longer session, the price is per half hour 1/2 of the session price.

Special prices for series of 3 sessions:

$ 350 / € 290 / NIS 1050

5 sessions:

$ 595 / € 500 / NIS 1800

Private healing concerts:

(Only for women, only in Israel)

Israel: NIS 300.

Possiblities for paying:

Everywhere: By creditcard through PayPal

Europe: Also directly in euro's into my Dutch bank account

Israel: Also cash or with cheque from Israeli bank or directly into my Israeli bank account.



* If you bring in new clients: 1 healing for half the price for every new client who comes at least 2 times.


* cancellation: up to 12 hours before session: pay full price

12-24 hours before session: pay half price.

* coming more than 10 min. late: time is reduced from healing  time.

More lenient exceptions can be made under special circumstances, decided by me on the spot.

* questions between 2 sessions: free up to 10 min of my time. If longer, payment per minute, based on full session price (90 min).

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