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Healing music

Advanced Soul Healing


Healing Music

Soul Healing Music

This music touches the soul deeply and helps to heal and balance your whole energy system. because of the use of 'sliding notes', the use of Hebrew and nigun-like improvisation, the attunement to the Divine and the special effect of the tanpura.


The music I make uses techniques from Indian Classical Music (Dhrupad style), which I studied for 7 years

That music is mostly improvisational, within certain 'rules'. There are many different 'sets of rules' for improvisation, that each create a specific 'mood'. These are called 'raga's'. (for more information about Indian Classical music, search the internet) However, since that music is mostly used to sing praise to the Hindu 'gods' (idols), I felt I needed to change some things from what I learned in order to be in line with Torah and Jewish Law.

Upbuilding of the improvisation

In the performance of an Indian 'raga' there is a basic 'upbuilding' of the improvisation, using one fixed composition with words in old-Hindi (mostly about their 'god's') There are basically 4 phases, each about 5 - 10 or even 15 minutes.. The first 3 are pure improvisation and usually don't have rhythmic accompaniment. The first phase is completely without rhythm or beat, and energetically 'tunes into the energy field' on the highest possible level. It is very slow and meditative and deep. In the second phase a slow, ongoing, simple beat is introduced and in the third phase this is speeded up to double speed. This energetically 'brings the energy field down' towards the earth dimension, where it arrives in the 4th phase. This phase is accompanied by a drum and it starts with a composition written according to the rules of the raga being performed. Then there is a lot of almost jazz-like improvisation on this composition, using the same words of the song in a free way, and with lots of playful rhythm-games between the drum player and the soloist(s).

In the first 3 phases no real words are used, but syllables from their name of their god who unifies all the others (as I understood).

Changes made to align with Torah

What I changed is that I am using an existing Jewish religious song for phase 4, written in Hebrew, and in the first 3 phases I improvise with the syllables used in nigunim. I am actually not really performing a 'raga' any more, because I am not tuning into any energy field. I just tune in with G*d. And the rules I use for improvisation depend on the song I am working with: in what scale it is written and what mood does it convey in its words, as well as musically: what melodic phrases are typical for it.

Another thing I changed, but that is only important for teaching and practicing, is the Indian 'do-re-mi' that I have learned. I don't use that any more, but instead I use the first 7 letters of the Hebrew Aleph-Beit. Using these changes I started giving concerts on my own in Israel, which I called 'healing concerts' because I feel they help people get in touch with their higher Soul levels and with G*d which has a healing effect. Also the music helps balancing and healing on very subtle energy levels.

(I have not yet found the right woman to accompany me on a drum)

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