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Advanced Soul Healing

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Navah with 3rd Temple

Singing with the


Touches the soul deeply.

Very healing and balancing for your energy system

because of the use of 'sliding notes', the use of Hebrew and nigun-like improvisation, and the attunement to the Divine. Using 'kashered' techniques from Indian Classical Music (Dhrupad)

Navah's Soul Hologram
Navah with Tanpura

Soul Healings

Healing Music

©Wilka Zelders

Deep and powerful healings

For people who already are on the path of inner work and healing themselves for a longer period, have learned Kabbalah for some time and/or have spiritual talents.

Specially if it is your path to go deep and you really want to solve things inside yourself all the way to their root in order to serve and come closer to Hashem.

Navah Sarah Tsiporah

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