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Advanced Soul Healing



Navah with 3rd Temple background

(2019) A (then) new course, new developments in my healings!

After the Geula Summit, at the end of July 2019, I started to do a new course: The Elevation Mastery Program by Rabbi Doniel Katz. I love it and I feel my inner growth has accelerated and I am learning Torah in a deeper way than before. Also, I am beginning to see new things happening in my healings. Here’s an example:

After some other clearings, I was guided to work on my client’s womb area. Then I felt that there was a ‘hole’ there that went into another dimension, a dark one. I could feel that a spark of her Soul got lost in there. So, I asked the higher-dimensional Dolphins that normally help me with this specific work to go into that dimension for me and fetch the Soul spark. They can somehow safely do that, for me it would not be safe. Soon they came back with the spark and I started the badly needed process of cleaning and healing that spark. I also connected it with Hashem so Hashem could ‘talk’ with it and comfort it and explain to it what had happened and why. Usually this is done on a sub- or super-conscious level and I just facilitate the connection and I don’t get to hear what messages are exchanged. This time was no different.

When the process was done, I re-united the spark with the rest of my client’s Soul and started to help to re-balance and caliberate the new situation. While I was doing that,  I suddenly started to ‘see’ my friend’s ‘Tree of Life’ and I felt the Soul of Rav Katz and a few of his helpers come in and I felt that they re-adjusted the whole flow of energies through that Tree of Life. My client later told me that she had experienced that part as wind blowing through the leaves of her ‘tree’.

Of course, after that, as usual, I closed the hole to that dimension, healed the wound, and facilitated that Hashem could totally ‘dismantle’ that dark place.

After that, my client seemed to ‘shine’ more and I prayed for her that she would be able to manifest her talents in this world more easily and successfully.

Also in the next healing a Soul Spark came back but from a different place of ‘galut’: my client’s own subconscious memories and connections to a group of people in a former life that had made a lot of changes in his energy field, brain and DNA to numb his feelings and severe his connection with his Soul’s highest levels. After repairing all that, a process started where the Soul Spark came free from the subconscious level and ‘travelled up’ to its proper place, which turned out to be his 3rd eye.

During that process, while I was balancing the energies in the chakra-system, I soon ‘saw’ his Tree of Life also. I tended to start working on doing the balancing in there too. But I wasn’t sure if that would be possible: doing both at once, and if I could do that myself. But Hashem encouraged me: ‘you can do it!’ So I tried. And yes, I could! It was a very interesting experience because I could ‘see/feel’ how these two systems were separate but interrelated in a beautiful, unified way. Thank You Hashem! Your Creation is so incredibly awesome! 😍

(2024: Lots of new developments after that! I finished the ElevationTeacher Training, grew a lot, emotionally and spiritually, especially in emnun, gave meditation lessons, started davvening with Arizal kavanot, retired from my editing job, intensified my path of Kabbalah learning from the sources, found a new teacher for that, and finally let go of the Chassidut path altogether, so I stopped the mediation lessons. And the healings became much more Kabbalistic.)

Navah Sarah Tsiporah

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