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Navah with 3rd Temple background

The 3rd Temple

(The following passage is partly based on the book “Secrets of the future temple”, Mishkney Elyon (‘dwellings of the Supreme’) by Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzato (‘Ramchal’), translated by Avraham Yehoshua ben Yakov Greenbaum.)

The plan of creation is believed to be that G*d will become revealed to all His/Her creatures on all levels. Through Avraham, Yitschak, Ya’akov and after them specially Levi and Moshe, a very deep and all-encompassing wisdom was passed down, knowledge of the inner workings of the universe, how all this is one single, unified, purposeful system, and how to use the Hebrew letters and Names of Hashem. While traveling through the desert, Hashem gave Moshe and the Jewish People detailed instructions how to build the ‘Mishkan’, the sanctuary containing the tablets with the 10 commandments. It also contained an altar with ‘showbreads’ that were permanently there, a 7-armed golden candle that burned continuously, an altar for incense and an altar for animal offerings. This was the main focal point for prayers and connection to Hashem and it started an influx of Divine blessing into the physical world from the Heavenly Temple that has always been there since before this universe was created and from where all created beings receive their power and sustenance form Hashem, through a series of Temples in the higher realms that are included in one another.
The Temple Mount in Jerusalem is the place where Hashem connected to the physical world to create it, at the place of the ‘foundation stone’ of the world, the ‘Even Shetiyah’. It’s the ‘entrance’ for His Presence in the world. The Mishkan from the desert was eventually, by King Shlomo (Salomon), transformed into the First Temple and because of that and our service there, we were opening this ‘gate’ and making the Shechina able to really dwell in the world tangibly for a big part and create at least a certain level of peace in the world for about 400 years. This Temple corresponded to ‘Chochmah’, the wisdom that was given to King Shlomo and with which he built this Temple.

When the Jewish people were not living according to the commandments well enough anymore, and the service became corrupted and impure, the Temple got destroyed. At exactly that moment the Heavenly Temple changed form and became the 3rd Temple in un-revealed state, now corresponding to Keter.
70 years later a second Temple was built but that was still not the full Temple as it is meant to be in the end, fully unified with the eternal Heavenly Temple. Again, after about 400 years the service became so corrupted that the Temple got destroyed. Since then we are praying for the third Temple to be built and we are continuing the Temple Service in our daily prayers, ‘with our lips’. This Temple has been ‘seen’ by prophets like Ezekiel and Isaiah. Once that third Temple is established, this world will be in peace and the experience of G*d and the unity of everything will be available for all of humanity, for all creation. Many Jews (including me) believe that the Heavenly Temple will ‘come down’ by becoming visible here so we can build the physical Temple by just putting the stones where we ‘see’ that the Heavenly Temple is.

Many people believe that we ‘bring down’ and ‘build’ this Temple also inside ourselves, holographically, by connecting more to Hashem and making that connection purer and more continuous, by ‘cleaning out’ all our false believes, bad habits, unreleased frozen emotions etc. More and more people are designing methods for such work and all sorts of movements have started up and are flourishing, both in Jewish circles and in the rest of Humanity. It really looks like it’s speeding up!
May we merit the full revelation of the 3rd Temple soon! 💕🎶💃🌞

Navah Sarah Tsiporah

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