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Advanced Soul Healing



Navah with 3rd Temple background

How to be more visible and present

Do you know that experience, that people in the street seem to not notice you and almost walk straight into you if you don’t step aside? Or at parties or celebrations no-one seems to notice you? Then maybe the problem is: lack of presence in you power center and aura.

Here’s a visualization exercise that can help, especially when you practice it a lot over a long period of time. It also helps for manifesting your soul purpose in the world better and more embodied.


Stand up straight, with both feet apart about shoulder breadth. Concentrate your attention on your body and breathe in an out deeply a few times and relax.

Visualize a channel of light through your spine, going up all the way into the heavens to Hashem (G*d) and down all the way to the center of the Planet Earth (where she also connects to and is one with Hashem). Feel how both are ‘feeding’ you (two different kinds of) energy through this channel.


Then bring your attention into your belly, in the area about 5 cm below your navel, in the middle of your pelvis area. Visualize there a shining sun and bring your center of presence in there, as if you are sitting and looking at the world from there. Now place both hands on your belly at that place, to help you to be present there.

Stay at this place for as long as you feel is right for now. Maybe you need to get used to it. Maybe it brings up feelings you need to process. Or maybe you want to just enjoy being there.


Next stretch out both your arms and move them around you in all directions possible, also down. Visualize thousands of very thin threads of white light coming out of your belly-sun, through your arms and your hands, building up a nice ‘shell’ of white light around you, above and below you, in the shape of an egg: this forms a protection-shield around your aura.

When you have that in place, intend to shine and keep all the Light of your Soul inside this shell. Imagine yourself and your aura as a light bulb, the older kind. That also has a clear protective border and is filled with light and shines its light out into the world safely, without losing it, fueled from the inside. Stay present in your belly center and now, while ‘being’ this light-bulb, try walking through your room.

Once you can do this, you are ready to try it out in the street and see if people tend to notice you more and give you more space.

You can practice this regularly as a sort of meditation and it is also helpful to practice this way of being present in all situations in your daily life.


This visualization exercise can be made more and more complex, involving more of your energy-centers. And there are many other helpful energy-exercises possible. I am thinking of giving a course for people to learn more about their own energy-levels and how to clean and heal and connect with them better. If you are interested, let me know! It would be in Jerusalem, to begin with. If there are enough people interested, I could also come to other places in Israel or make a webinar or online course.


This exercise is based on the teachings of Rachael Jayne Groover (‘The Art of Feminine Presence’) and the book (still only available in Dutch, but that can change) “Handboek energetische basiskennis” by my dear friend Wilka Zelders.

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