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Advanced Soul Healing



Navah with 3rd Temple background

Presents of the Present

Some reasons why we get challenges on our path


There can be very many reasons why Hashem, our own Higher Soul or our subconsciousness manifests difficulties on our path. One well-known reason is of course: that if someone really does things that hurt others or themselves, generally there are ‘natural repercussions’, like losing your friends, getting hit back, ending up in jail, health problems. Or something from a former life that needed retribution or correction (also called ‘tikun’ or ‘karma’ in other religions). But there are many other possible reasons too. Here’s a list of some examples but only Hashem knows them all.

* Hashem may have given it as a present to make you stronger inside yourself. The more problems you overcome successfully, the stronger you get.

* It may happen because on a subconscious level you may feel guilty and may not love yourself enough, so you subconsciously keep punishing yourself unnecessarily.

* You may have repressed feelings like anger or unworthiness to the subconscious level and this way Hashem and your Higher Soul give you a chance to feel that feeling (by triggering it) so you get an(other) chance to ‘release and transform’ it. And then to find access to the opposite of that repressed feeling, sourced in your connecting with Hashem: like self-worth coming from a higher consciousness in connection with your True Soul Self.

* One may create it subconsciously because as a child, you tried to survive by being ‘pitiable’, hoping people will not get angry with you or to get attention and love from others that you may be afraid not to get by just being who you are.

* Maybe your Soul wants you to be able to help others in the future with the same problem.

* Things can seem bad or ‘not nice’ but they may be just a way of Hashem to create something good or to prevent something much worse. Like the man in southern Israel who suddenly had an outburst of allergy he never had before, so he had to go to a hospital quickly and there they didn’t want to let him go home for the night…. In that night a Gaza bomb fell on his house right on his bed! Or the much-used romantic story that because of a car-accident the guy had to go to a hospital and met the woman of his life, a nurse, and married her. Or missing an airplane that turned out to get crashed.

* This happens a lot with children, but I still notice it in my adult life too: when other things have become ‘too much’, I am tired, stressed, I actually need to have a good cry for ‘release’ but I just keep myself strong and going and doing the things I have to do. Then suddenly something goes wrong, or I hit my toe on something... and the tears can come out and find release.

* There may be something that is connected to a larger group of people you belong to, group karma, or an ‘offer’ for a ‘higher goal’.

* The group the victim(s) belong to need to become more helpful toward each other, more a unity, open their hearts more: then a disaster can help creating opportunities for big waves of ‘chesed’.

* It may be a mirror of a repressed part of yourself that you don’t allow yourself to ‘own’ and find it’s good, ‘rectified’ way of using it. Like not wanting to be called ‘arrogant and as a result never telling people what you are really good at doing, so you never get all the clients you could get. Then you may find people on your path who find reasons to call you arrogant or who act very arrogantly to you.

* You may just be on your way to really get your higher soul manifested in a big way and the ‘other side’ may not like that and try to stop you in all ways it can find.

* You may not be ready inside yourself to manifest or do something, so you don’t succeed. Or the world may not be ready for it.

* Life is a learning process: you may just make a wrong estimation of how things work inside others or in this world. so something doesn’t go the way you wanted it or intended it.

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